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Hello Everyone!


Hey! I am a new comer to, Thanks for the service you provided for me!

This year I just changed to work in a local drawing school, so I choose to be the place for my first brand new blog, hopefully this blog website won’t be turned off before 12/21/2012, Ha-ha-ha.

Recently I have a talk with my cousin. He is a student from the same school I am now working in, what a coincidence!!! As a young man with great promise in art, He is very energetic, not like me though -_- However, I think I can told him much more in art, Just like what I told my student in my drawing class. And I think to be a better man is the best that everyone should do in their entire life.

Do you like travelling? Do you like travelling with people you like or love? I have traveled to Jinan in 2005, A medium sized city in China. I meet a lot of pleasant people there, and tasted the famous Chinese cuisine: Kungpo Chicken! That’s really a wonderful experience! Maybe a lot of people haven’t heard of that cuisine, so I would like to have a brief explanation:)

To make this Chinese cuisine, you should have some chicken meat (this is a must, isn’t it). You can mix the chicken with many other delicious cooking materials, and cook them in a pan. After a while the gorgeous Kungpo Chicken is ready!!! Wait a minute, you said you don’t get any point, right? Of course! The recipe of Kungpo Chinken is a SECRET of skilled CHINESE COOKS! I also don’t know anything about the recipe! But relax, just sit down and eat, You won’t be regretted.

OK, I am all done for this blog. In the future, I will give you more about my life here, see you:)


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